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Professional Residential Plumbing Services in Riverside, CA

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Is it time to replace an outdated hot water heater, or start using a garbage disposal in your home? Are you seeing the symptoms of water damage from an old leak or have concerns that the plumbing demands of your building are negatively impacting your plumbing system? All you need to do is pick up the phone and call the plumbing professionals here at The Sunny Plumber SoCal.

Our highly trained plumbing technicians help both homeowners and business owners keep their systems in pristine condition. We specialize in the maintenance, installation, repair and replacement of multiple plumbing products, and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work.

We Provide Non-Urgent and Emergency Plumbing Services

Not all plumbing repairs are going to qualify as emergencies, but all plumbing repairs do need to be fixed so they don’t turn into huge emergencies. And when it’s time to repair a plumbing issue in your Riverside, CA home, you can rely on The Sunny Plumber SoCal. Rest assured that when you call us, your plumbing system will be in excellent hands. Either schedule a plumbing repair for a time that is convenient for you, or if it is an emergency, then count on our 24/7 emergency services.

We Offer Superior Water Heater Services in Riverside, CA

Water heaters are one of those home appliances that we typically have an "out of sight, out of mind" attitude towards, even without realizing it. It is quiet, doesn’t require constant management, and is usually located somewhere out of view. Unfortunately, this means it’s easy to forget about the importance of this appliance, which needs routine maintenance just like any other important appliance in your home. To reduce the risk of untimely repairs or replacement, be sure to keep up on your tune-up appointments. And when you do need a system repair or replacement, you can count on us.

We Also Provide Traditional and Tankless Water Heater Services

Many homeowners throughout Riverside, CA choose a storage tank type water heater when it comes to their hot water needs. However tankless water heaters can be extremely beneficial, for a number of reasons. They can be excellent energy savers, for one. But this is only true if they correctly installed and serviced. While these systems are typically smaller and appear to be less complicated that their storage tank counterparts, they are inherently more complicated and require the help of an expert for installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement.

Do You Need Water Treatment Services?

Water treatment systems can do a lot to put your mind at ease in regards to your home’s water supply, and also ensure that every drop of water that enters your home is clean and healthy. Our expertly trained team provides a variety of water treatment system types. This includes water filtration systems, purifiers, reverse osmosis systems, and water softeners. If you need a whole-house water treatment system , our number is the one to call.

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