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Water Treatment Systems

Water Treatment Systems in Corona, CA

How pure is the water in your home? When you drink it from your sink taps, do you feel confident that you are making a healthy choice? Or do you rely on a small pitcher with a limited-use filter to get your drinking water? Without an efficient whole-house water filtration system, you are not getting the most out of your water. It’s not just drinking water you have to think about—it’s also the potable water you use to clean dishes, your clothes, and take a shower

To learn more about how you can improve the quality of your water, contact the technicians at The Sunny Plumber SoCal. We provide comprehensive water treatment services throughout Corona, CA and beyond. If you are looking for the installation of a new water treatment system, we can do the job right the first time, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our professionals will show up to any job bright and shiny as always, and we won’t show our hiney.

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We Offer a Wide Range of Water Treatment Systems

There are a number of water treatment systems that benefit homes throughout Corona, CA and beyond. Choosing the right system is an important step on the path to purified water for your home and your family. We offer a wide range of water treatment products and services for homes of all sizes and all budgets. These include the following:

  • Water Filtration Systems: These systems remove harmful contaminants from your system long before the water reaches your fixtures, and subsequently your taps. There are several to choose from, so call us today to learn more.
  • Water Softeners: A water softener functions by replacing calcium and magnesium ions in your water with sodium ions, so that you no longer suffer from the effects of "hard" water, which may irritate your hair and skin, and may also lead to significant problems in your pipes.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems: What sets this type of system apart is that it operates independently of any mechanical parts, limiting your maintenance needs and giving you an extremely reliable source of clean water.
  • Water Testing: This service helps our Corona, CA technicians pinpoint the cause of your water impurities so we can recommend an accurate, comprehensive solution.

The Qualities of a Professional Water Treatment Company

There are likely a number of water treatment companies throughout Corona, CA. Or at least, companies who claim to provide water treatment services. But it’s important that you make the right decision when it comes to selecting a water treatment system company, so that you can have confidence whenever you drink or cook with tap water.

You’ll want a company with a good track record, great reputation, proper licensing, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Additionally, the professionals you hire should be familiar with any local water issues. You’ll have all that and more when you give The Sunny Plumber SoCal a call, so contact us today!

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